Dancing Display

We had a wonderful display of Irish dancing yesterday at the Community Centre. Thanks to Ann and Ruth for being such wonderful teachers all year. 

Sports Day 2017

We had a great day at our sports day this year. Thanks to the Board of Management for organising the bouncy slide and obstacle course. Here are some photos that Gerry of Tuam Photo Studio took on the day. 

Hatch 4 Schools


What a fantastic opportunity both children and staff had during the hatch for schools programme over the past two weeks. Seven chicks hatched over three days. All the children had the chance to interact, care for and learn about chickens and their life cycle, from incubation, hatching and finally growth. 

Biodiversity Action Day

Gordon D’Arcy, the naturalist led the children in the senior room on a field trip to Cloondroon Lake where they compiled lists of flora and fauns and investigated the habitat. The starting point was the migration of swans to the lake. They then drew pictures of swans, eels, salmon, meadow pipet and a skylark. He spoke about life cycles, migration and the connection between celtic mythology and nature.
The children in the middle and junior rooms went on a spring walk identifying flowers.
They planted, runner beans, carrots and cress seeds.
Groups of children furnished the bug hotel.
There was a Green School quiz in the afternoon. 

Biodiversity Action Day

We had a great time yesterday celebrating Biodiversity Action Day. The children in the senior room went on a trip to Cloondroon Lake with the naturalist Gordon D’Arcy. The children in the junior and middle room went on a spring flower hunt, sowed cress and runner beans, furnished and bug hotel and we finished off the day with a quiz. 

Here is Gordon Darcy’s website.