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Feb 27 2018

International Breakfast.

Have a look at our pictures from our International Breakfast! 

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Jan 29 2018

Write a Book

We are authors!! ?✏️?
The children from First to Sixth Classes took part in the Write a Book initiative ran by Galway Education Centre!

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Jan 17 2018

A wonder visit from Carole Reynolds.

Carole Reynolds from Connemara National Park visited us today with stuffed animals.
The children all had the opportunity to learn about the otter, mink, hare, stoat, fox, hedgehog, badger and red squirrel.
It was lots of fun!

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Dec 15 2017

Galway are back! Liam visits Belmont N.S.

We had a surprise visit from the Liam McCarthy cup this afternoon. Many thanks to Ollie Turner for popping by today. All the children and staff were very excited! 

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Oct 12 2017


The girls in 6th class with the help of Anne did a great job of clearing the sunflowers from the flower bed. They grew very high this year! The children in the middle room are using them as a stimulus for art. 

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