Colouring Competition

  • Well done to Laila in Junior Infants who came 3rd in the Irish Guide Dogs colouring competition. Here she is with her prize. 

Junior Room Maths Week Activities

Some snaps of the children in the infant room doing activities for Maths Week.

They went on a Maths trail & played Maths games.

They also held a competition for all the children in the school to guess how many sweets in the jar. Well done to Michael Canny who was the winner with a guess of 149!!


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Cumann na mBunscoil Cailíní Roinn K Football Champions

Congrats to the girls in 5th and 6th Classes who were crowned champions yesterday after a great display of football against Lavally/Brownsgrove NS.


Write a Book Presentation Ceremony

Congratulations to our three write a book merit winners; Dara Jennings, JJ Sheridan and Luke Diskin. They were presented with their medals and certificates last Monday night at a presentation in the Radisson Hotel.

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Luke Diskin: Write a Book story.

The Hidden Gem


Chapter 1


It was the first of January. It was nearly a week after Christmas Day. I was on my PS4 playing FIFA. My dad came in and said we were going hunting in the forest. So I went with my dad to pack a big bag of supplies for the trip. We packed lots of warm clothes, food and drink. We also brought extra ammo for the gun.


The next morning we had a fry up for breakfast. We gathered the gear and set off. We stopped to check the cattle on the way there. When we got there it started to rain. Suddenly a bolt of lightning struck one of the fields near by. The gates of the fields creaked which made Keith quite scared. The forest looked really petrifying and creepy.


We all climbed over the rusty old gate of the forest. We started to walk around looking for foxes and rabbits. Two hours later we had caught five foxes and two rabbits. We gathered all the dead animals and brought them back to the gate. Then we sat down to have some lunch. After lunch we continued to hunt.



Chapter 2


After a while I got bored and unknown to myself I strayed off. Suddenly I realised that I had got myself lost. I started to panic. I started to scream and shout. Then I felt a hand on shoulder. I thought it must be my dad. I felt so relieved that my dad had found me. But it wasn’t. It was a man with a mask on. He grabbed me and took me with him into the middle of the forest.


He dragged me into a wooden cottage which at first looked quite inviting but when I got in, there were knives hanging from the walls. The masked man strapped me to a seat. Then another masked man entered the cottage. They both took off their masks. The two men had scars and cuts all over their faces. I was so scared. I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly the two men grabbed me and brought me down to a dungeon-like place. I started to scream. Before I knew it I was thrown into a cell. They told me they would let me out the next morning.


The night was cold and miserable. I was curled up in a ball in the corner of the cell. I was freezing. The cell was dirty and smelly. It was the worst night of my life. But somehow I fell asleep.


The next morning they dragged me up the stairs and strapped me to the chair again. They told me about them loosing The Gem. The said it was somewhere in the forest. They said if I didn’t find The Gem in a week they would capture me again and keep me forever. So at one o’clock the two men stuck a tracker to my leg and shoved me out the door of cottage.



Chapter 3


I pulled myself up off the ground and looked around the big open forest. I was really scared. I began to cry. I started to run away from the cottage. A few hours later I started to calm down a bit and realised that I hadn’t much time to find The Gem. So I decided to walk around the forest. I walked around for hours trying to find it until it was so dark that I couldn’t see at all.


I was really petrified about the night. I sat down on a low branch of a tree and looked up into the sky. The stars were twinkling, it was a full moon, but it was all ruined when I realised where I was and what I was doing.


Chapter 4


The night was really scary. I didn’t get a wink of sleep. It was cold and miserable. I was huddled up in a ball on the branch of a tree. All I wanted was for morning to come.


Eventually the sun rose and day was upon me. The bees were out the birds were singing but I was still feeling sad. I jumped down off the branch and started to walk around once again. I was really tired and didn’t really pay much attention to anything. The day came and went but there was still no sign of The Gem. Yet again I climbed up to one of the lowest branches of a nearby tree, sat down and began to think. I spent at least two or three hours thinking. Then a thought came to me. The morning before, there were a lot of magpies. Magpies like shiny objects. Maybe just… maybe if I followed a magpie it would lead me to The Gem.


The next morning I was feeling good. I had only walked about three metres when I saw a group of magpies in the sky. This made me a bit happier. I sat down and watched the magpies fly around. One of them seemed to have strayed away from the rest. So I decided to follow it. I started to run after it. The magpie flew across the forest all day.


That evening I felt a glimmer of hope. I was extremely tired after running after the magpie all day. The next morning I began running yet again. Suddenly the magpie started to circle around in the air. I ran directly under it. There it was. The Gem was right under the magpie. I was relieved. I grabbed the gem and ran as fast as I could back to the cottage.


When I got to the cottage the two men were outside the door. I handed them what they wanted, stripped the tracker off my leg and ran as fast as I could home.


My family were so happy to see me. They hugged me so much I nearly burst. I told them what had happened. They were just really glad to see me home safe and sound.


We have left the mystery of the two mysterious men to the police.