Summer Sunflowers

Summer sunflowers were planted last week in the infant room. We cannot wait to see them grow. 

Garden Centre in the Junior Room

Flowers, flowers everywhere. 

Have a look at the Garden Centre role play area in the junior room. 


Biodiversity Action Day

We had a great time yesterday celebrating Biodiversity Action Day. The children in the senior room went on a trip to Cloondroon Lake with the naturalist Gordon D’Arcy. The children in the junior and middle room went on a spring flower hunt, sowed cress and runner beans, furnished and bug hotel and we finished off the day with a quiz. 

Here is Gordon Darcy’s website. 

Where are you Mr Robin?

The children in the junior room went on a hunt for the robin today. They had a toy robin that emits the call of the robin. They were hoping to hear a robin call back. I think it was too cold today for the poor robin. 

image-0-02-04-718c9e3a521ba221fb66119b66f91f491d636e32f49c319a61f8c4e74f42a52c-v image-0-02-04-c89cc723bdcfa6fd6b59ae0cb68fd31f02bfd26b1f49e9b9cc3607023ae2afae-v

Tree Day

Today is national Tree Day. This year the focus is on the Rowan Tree. Shannon and Kevin planted two slips of rowan tree today in pots. We are looking forward to seeing them grow.

_20161006_135941 IMG_20161006_100454