Summer Sunflowers

Summer sunflowers were planted last week in the infant room. We cannot wait to see them grow. 

Biodiversity Green Flag

We received our fifth Green Flag for biodiversity in the Galway Bay Hotel on Friday. We had a great day. 

Garden Centre in the Junior Room

Flowers, flowers everywhere. 

Have a look at the Garden Centre role play area in the junior room. 


Here comes our chick

Billy the Chick

We were very excited to see one of our chicks hatch today. We got a top of the range brinsea incubator supplied with 7 eggs, these eggs have been candled to ensure that they all have a developing embryo inside. It would be expected that you would have at least 4-5 chicks hatch from these. We also got a brooder box that we will transfer the chicks into after they have hatched, this includes a chick heat plate to keep them warm and a drinker and feeder. The equipment and chicks will be collected at the end of the second week of the programme. We got it from