Utterly Butterly!

Following on from the visit to the Godwin farm, the children in the Senior room made butter in response to a unit of work on milk,  pasteurisation and milk products. Making butter by hand uses a lot of our energy. Through the years, companies came up with a new way of making butter that uses electricial energy. This is a much more efficient way of making the butter.

Their verdict on the home made butter: DELICIOUS!!!

A visit to a Farm

Last Monday morning, September the 6th,  the children in the Senior Room visited the farm of Eoin Godwin to learn about milking cows. Eoin gave them a demonstration on how he prepares and miks the cows each day.

Welcome Back Everyone!

Another great start to the year in Belmont N.S. This year, we have ten new pupils. They are really enjoying their time at school.

All of the children have grown over the Summer and we are delighted to see everyone back safe and sound.

However, the sunflowers in the garden grew the most. Take a look below!