It’s Snowing

Business as usual at Belmont N.S. We would encourage everyone to take their time when driving to and from school.

Irish Poems

Here is a poem that the children in 4th class learned this year.
The poem is called ‘An Luch’.

An Luch

Tá mé ar scoil

This week the song we are learning in the Junior Room is ‘Tá mé ar scoil’. Click on the link to hear the beautiful voices of twenty children singing this song.

Tá mé ar scoil

Credit Union Winner

Declan O’Donnell is the proud winner of the Tuam Credit Union’s Essay Competition. He came first in his category with a brilliant essay about saving money. Click on the link below to read his winning essay.

Staff Meeting

There will be a staff meeting on Monday the 20th of November. School will close at 2 p.m. for all students.