Geansaí, Geansaí, Geansaí Gorm!

Listen to the song about Éadaí that the children in Junior and Senior Infants learned last week!

Geansai Geansai

Food Energy

Breege McHugh, a past parent and local district nurse visited the school on Monday the 14th of February to talk to the children and the teachers about Healthy Eating. We have a Healthy Eating Policy in the school which encourages everyone to make healthy choices when it comes to lunches and snacks. Breege brought in a wonderful array of food to show the children. She also talked about the food pyramid and the different foods that are on it.

We all need good healthy food for energy. Energy is all around us, and we use it for everything we do. We get the energy our bodies need to function from food. A lot of the food we eat come from plants, and plants get their energy from the sun. This is called energy transfer.

When we do not eat the right foods, we feel tired and sluggish. This is an energy slump. Sugary foods give us a quick energy high and then a slump, so therefore we need to eat less of these foods and more fruit, veg, protein and complex carbohydrates that give us a slow release of energy.

Wind Energy

The children in 3rd class learned about how things move in their Science lesson. They made land yachts which harness the power of wind energy to move. This is closely linked to the Green School’s theme of Energy. Looking at different renewable energy sources is important for the future.

Sounds of the Forest

This month the children in Junior and Senior Infants are taking part in a Drama lesson called ‘Ferdie the Frog’. This morning they went on an imaginary trip throught the forest. They stopped for a rest and then tried to recreate the sounds of the forest using their voices and some bird toys. Click on the link below to be transported to the forest.

Sounds of the Forest

St. Bridget’s Day

Thanks to some rushes provided by Johnny Brogan, our wonderful Chairperson, the children in the Senior Room made St. Bridget’s Day crosses.