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Mar 31 2011

Green School

Green School Newsletter

Monday the 4th of April is ‘Energy Action Day’. Please wear something green for the occasion. It will also be a low energy day where we will use as little energy as possible.

There will be a demonstration of energy projects that the children in the Senior Room have completed. Children in 3rd – 6th classes will take part in a Treasure hunt in the morning and there will be an energy table quiz in the afternoon.

The winner of the Green School Slogan competition is Jack Haines. Here is the winning rhyme which we will add onto the slogan for recycling.

We like our school to be nice and bright,

Clean and green and looking right,

So bin your trash, flick off that switch, save energy and we’ll all be rich!

Well done Jack!

There will also be an Easter bonnet competition on Friday the 15th of April. The theme is Energy which includes food energy, chemical energy, electrical energy, wind energy. Etc. So get creative. Prizes on the day for the winners.

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Mar 31 2011

Dunmore Basketball Blitz

Here are the victorious backetball champs!

They took part in a blitz run by the Secondary school in Dunmore and won!

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Mar 31 2011

Nice and Neat

Here are the children in 6th class with the pens they received for their neat handwriting.

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Mar 29 2011


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This week the children in the Junior Room are revising all they have learned so far about bia.

Have a listen to them reciting two rhymes and singing two songs.


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Mar 24 2011

Spring has Sprung

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Spring has arrived at last! There are beautiful  flowers springing up all around the school. Take a look..

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