The children in 1st to 6th classes will be modelling their Easter Bonnets tomorrow.

The Spring Clean Up walk will take place in the afternoon.


Children in 3rd – 6th classes will be attending the Town Hall Theatre on Thursday to meet the author Marita Conlon McKenna.


We would like to say thanks to all the people who organised and attended the ‘Monster Sale’ in Milltown Community Centre on Sunday. An impressive €874 was raised.

The proceeds from the sale have been supplemented by additional monies from Marie O’Donnell. Marie raised €210 through sponsorship. She ran the Connemarathon. Well done Marie.

Six entrepreneurs in 4th class made and sold cakes and raised €13.10. Johnny Brogan made a further contribution of €50.

This brings the total to €1.147.10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Belmont!

Noah’s Rap

Get down with the kids and learn this groovy rap.

Junior and Senior Infants love this.

Noahs rap

A new resident?

It looks like a little bird might have made a home for himself in one of our bird houses. It is situated near the garden and one very observant girl in 1st class spotted a bird flying into it today. We will keep you posted.