Drama Drama

It was all Drama in the Middle room when the children were learning how to express themselves through mime. In response to a lesson called ‘The Grumpy Old Man’ the children created signs to put up in his garden to keep the children away.


Croke Park Poetry

Silhouettes were painted in the Senior Room in response to an Irish poem about Croke Park.

Portrait Work

The children in the Middle Room have finished their unit of work on portraits in Visual Arts. The final activity was to draw their own portait. They developed some really important skills in the past three weeks learning how to sketch, add colour and shade.

Fr Keeney

Past pupil and missionary in Tanzania, Fr.  Keeney visited our school on Monday. He told us about his work and brought beautiful ebony carvings that the people in his village made for us. This was to thank us for the donations he receives from our school. A total of €145.50 was donated by parents at the Christmas play and a cheque for €300 was presented to him.


Junior Room Displays September 2011

We have been  busy bees in the junior room since we came back to school. Most of our work is on display in the room.

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