Christmas Play

The Junior and Senior Christmas plays were performed in the Community Centre on Friday the 14th of December. The first play was called ‘It’s a Baby’ and the second play was called ‘Tommie the Theatre Cat’. Adults were asked to contribute €5 entry fee and they were then entered into a raffle. The money raised will be given to Fr. Keeney who does great work in his parish in Tanzania.





































Skip Hop

On the 28th of November, Mark from Skip Hop visited our school to do a skipping workshop with the whole school. As it was a very frosty morning, the Infants and the Middle Room had to have their workshop in the Community Centre. The infants learned to skip forwards and backwards. The Middle room learned to do the crossover, landing with feet in different positions and the figure of eight long rope game. The Senior Room learned  how to do double dutch on the long rope, complicated foot work, the wrap around and the 360 degree turn. In the afternoon there was a display and everyone was really impressed. We just received a delivery of ropes form the Tesco in Schools token scheme and everyone is gone skipping mad.

Science Visit

On the 23rd of November 2012, Jane from Discover primary Science visited our school. First she did lots of experiments with water with the children in Infants to Second Classes. One of them was cutting the shape of a boat out of cardboard and putting it in a basin. She put a drop of washing up liquid on the boat and it floated to the other side. Then she did an experiment with rocket balloons. The balloon flew across the room from Leo to Kevin. Next she got a hair dryer and she placed different types of balls on top and some of them floated up and some of them didn’t. I liked the Science experiments. By Niamh Haines.

In the Senior Room, Jane put a few experiments on the ground and we had to choose one in groups. We chose an experiment and then Jane came around to see how we were getting on. Next she did lots of vibrating experiments with tuning forks, rice and peas. I loved Science Friday. It was fun. By Brian McWalters