New home for the birds

Some children in 3rd Class found a branch today at the back of the school that is just perfect for the birds and nests we made out of felt.

CRAFTed Day Three

Vivienne our craftsperson visited us again today. We made nests for our birds. We laid down layers of felt in different directions starting with white and gradually adding colour. We wet it and rubbed it together. We shaped the felt around a bowl and wrapped a piece of tights around it to keep it all together. We rubbed, rolled and patted down the felt so that the shape would form correctly. After they were washed and dried, we removed the tights and the nests were ready. We put them near the radiators to dry.

New Thermometer

As part of the Greenwave project, the children in the Middle Room are recording the temperature everyday at noon. Unfortunately our thermometer fell and broke last week. We wrote to Cathy Foley at Greenwave and she sent us a replacement. Imagine our disappointment when it arrived broken!!

We contacted Cathy again and told her our problem. She very kindly sent us another thermometer and it arrived safe and sound yesterday.


Fourth Class were busy helping Nuala to weed the flower border at the front of the school last Friday, the 22nd of February.


Here are some images from our second CRAFTed workshop where we made birds out of felt.