Here are pictures of some baked goods that the children in the Senior Room made.

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First Break – Fruit Break

Food Dudes was a massive hit in Belmont N.S. today. Everyone tasted the apple and the cherry tomato and were then rewarded with their prize of a snazzy pencil case.  We enjoyed meeting the Food Dude characters and tasting the delicious food! I wonder what we will be tasting tomorrow..

Food Dudes

Contented Cats

Look at the relaxed cats we have in Belmont courtesy of the artistic children in the Middle Room exploring the fabric and fibre area of the Visual Arts curriculum.

Contented Cats

Run, run as fast as you can…..

Senior Infants are reading the story The Gingerbread Man this month. We then used this story as a stimulus in Science. We planted cress seeds in the shape of a gingerbread man. They took a week to grow. We are looking forward to tasting the cress.

Gingerbread Man


The children in the Senior Room experimented with printing using bottles. The results are impressive.