Irish Dancing

No Irish dancing tomorrow, Friday the 27th of March.

World Book Day

World Book Day was last Thursday the 5th of March. The pupils in the Middle Room photowrote their very own books and created a cover for their book. All our stories are on in display in our classroom.

Tree Trail

Here are some pictures from our Tree Trail Launch on March the 5th.

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Spring is here!

Looking out at the blanket of snow today, who would have thought that we were in the season of spring. Last week, the children in the Middle Room created felt and egg carton daffodils, butterflies and a paper chain rainbow. It has brightened up our classroom!!photo 1 (11)

“Bling your boot!”

The pupils in the Middle Room took part in a “Bling your Boot” competition today. This was great fun. The pupils were asked to raid mum and dad’s closet for old shoes and  runners, in fact any type of footwear would do as long as it could be decorated with bits of ribbon, bows, beads, jewels and glitter. The results were truly spectacular and are on display in our classroom for all to see.
photo 2 (12)