Middle Room Displays

[Not a valid template]Some beautiful work on display in the Middle Room.

“Our World”

The children in the senior room created these beautiful small world trays. They look fantastic and each tell their own story.photo (91)

Belmont House

photo (90)Senior Room children have been studying old houses. They sketched Belmont House before the Halloween holidays.

Rubgy World Cup- Senior Room

The senior room children each chose a country that was participating in the Rugby World Cup and completed some research. They presented this information to the class. The projects are on display in their classroom.

Junior Room Halloween Party

[Not a valid template]The pupils in the junior room had a very busy week preparing for their Halloween party. They explored materials and change as part of the SESE curriculum by making a witches’ potion from jelly and rice krispie buns. These were all devoured at the class party after the treasure hunt. The children really enjoyed the witches’ walk and the treasure hunt. They had a lovely relaxing afternoon watching a DVD and drinking hot chocolate.

Wishing you all a well deserved Halloween break! 🙂