Predators of the Salmon




The children in the senior room  created projects on the predators of the salmon. They have many natural predators at all stages of their life cycle, ranging from various fish-eating birds, which attack the smolts gathering in lower rivers and estuaries and the post-smolts in their early life at sea.


Polar Bears

Over the past few weeks the children in the junior room have been exploring polar bears. They have learned lots of facts about these bears. Last Friday they made these winter polar bears. The children in first class researched  facts on polar bears. This is also on display in our classroom.polar bears

Anti Bullying Week

Last week was anti bullying week. The children in the junior room chose words that help us all to be friends. They then stuck these words onto hearts. They are on display outside their classroom and are a reminder  each morning that we need to care and show love to our friends. bully

Writing from First Class- A Rainy Day

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Monster Mash

The children in the middle room listened to a “monster mash” and created their very own monsters. They look lovely on display in their