School is closed tomorrow (Friday 29th of April) and Monday (2nd of May).

We wish all the children in Second Class ¬†all the best on Sunday for their ‘First Holy Communion’.

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Active Schools Week- Day 4

Some of the children cycled to and from school today. The children in the middle room cycled Ryan’ road and the children in the senior room went on an hour long cycle. All the children really enjoyed the week and we are going to try and be more active everyday as we aim to have our “Active Schools Flag” soon.


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Day 3 Active Schools Week

On Wednesday the children participated in “DEAD”- Drop Everything And Dance. During the day, the children were active by dancing in their classrooms whenever music came on. After lunch, the whole school came together in Ms. Ruane’s room and danced to many songs using Go Noodle. They all had lots and fun!!


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Day 2 Active Schools Week

On Tuesday the children took park in the annual spring clean up walk. The children in the middle and senior room collected rubbish from the N17 Superstore all the way to the school. The pupils in the junior room cleaned up around the school grounds.


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Active Schools Week- Day 1

Today marked the beginning of “Active Schools Week”. The children all walked 1.5km to school this morning. They also took part in novelty games on the yard at break times.


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