Little Yogalates!

The children in senior infants and first class enjoyed some yoga today. You could hear a pin drop in the room as they all concentrated on their breathing and enjoyed some quiet time. Ms Ruane was delighted!!


Bright Stars in the Junior Room.

The children in the junior room painted stars on Monday morning.

Elmer is our big book this month. They used pieces of paper to create their very own Elmer. Each elephant is different and they look fabulous on display.


IMG_5386 IMG_5388

Junior Infants 2016

Junior Infants 2016

Emily Hayden, Zoe McHugh, Laila Cunningham

Rian Scanlon, Maria Costello, Kayla Hamilton

New Look Playground

You might have noticed that the school grounds look a little different. All of the poplar and evergreen trees have been cut down. They were getting very tall and posed a danger in the winter with the strong winds. A new fence has been erected and the basketball court has a new coating of tar. This will be marked out when all the tarmac has settled.


A taste of Milltown

There was a great turnout in Milltown Community Centre yesterday, the 28th of August for the launch of the heritage booklet. In this booklet you will find information on historical, cultural and social heritage places of interest in Milltown. Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor, past pupil of Belmont N.S. launched the booklet. Minister for State OPW Flood Relief was in attendance also. The booklet costs €5. We would recommend everyone to buy one. You might find out something about Milltown that you never knew!

There was stands all around the community centre showing exactly what Milltown has to offer. We had our own stand there showcasing our Tree Trail. There was lots of interest in our trail on the day. Siobhán Molloy was the winner of the picnic basket.

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