Sep 06 2017

School Closures

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School Closures 2017/ 2018



These are the closures foreseen for the year.

 There may be changes as the year progresses.


School re-opened Monday 30th  August.

Hallowe’en Break                      School closing Friday 27th October.

                                                       School re-opening Monday 6th Nov.

Christmas Holidays                   School closing Friday 22nd  Dec.

                                                       School re-opening Monday 8th January.

Mid – Term Break                     School closed 15th & 16th Feb.

                                                       School re-opening Monday 19th Feb.

St. Patrick’s Day                         School closed Monday 19th March.

Easter Holidays                         School closing Friday 23rd March.

                                                      School re-opening Monday 9th April.

Bank Holiday                             School closed Monday 7th May.

Bank Holiday                              School closed Monday 4th June

Summer Holidays                      School closing Friday 22nd June



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